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Enjoy a Colonial ambience, in the best seafood restaurant in Cozumel.

Entering from the artistic iron gate of the main entrance is like stepping back in time. The beautiful colonial style makes of Casa Mission a perfect remembrances of the glory days of the Yucatan peninsula, when the "Henequen" industry was the economic base of this society.

Casa Mission offers our guests a unique atmosphere that transports them through the history of our country and gives them the opportunity of enjoying a magnificent Mexican and seafood restaurant in Cozumel.

In this impressive Ranch, the past and present converges on the same point. Many years ago, it was a retirement place for governors and aristocrats, and nowadays it has become the meeting place for enjoy the excellent seafood of Cozumel.

It's a beautiful and unique corner surrounded by gardens and fountains, framed with exotic birds and centenary trees.

Today, this property belongs to the Miranda Morales family... You'll enjoy this great architecture with tall ceilings and large hallways of the Casa Mission dining room, cause it's here where merry happenings are done... the scents, flavors and unique details of this magnificente Mexican Hacienda make you feel at home.

Every night, Casa Mission offers a typical Mexican environment with live music with a trio: two guitars and an acoustic box.

Your visit to Cozumel will be incomplete if you don't dine at Casa Mission

Casa Mission is grateful for your preference, and without a doubt, we will make your visit a memorable one. We have the perfect stage for your event.


Casa Mission - Cozumel (103255), Ciudad de México Reservations

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